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USTheater, Opera, and Performance

(alphabetical by playwright)

John Adams and Peter Sellars (USA)

Aeschylus (Ancient Greece)

Ilse Aichinger (Austria)

Maxwell Anderson (USA) 
Messerli (see also Kurt Weill)

Eleanor Antin (USA)
"On Credit" (on Before the Revolution) by Douglas Messerli

Julie Archer and Lee Breuer (USA)
"The Locked Windows" (on Archer's and Breuer's Peter and Wendy) by Douglas Messerli

John Arden (England/Ireland)
"Pulling Down the Roof" (on Serjeant Musgrave's Dance) by Douglas Messerli

Bea Arthur (USA)
"Jenny Pirate" (by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill)

Antonin Artaud (France)
"To Have Done with the Judgment of God' (radio performance, link)

Robert Ashley (USA)
"An American Original" (on the death of Ashley and a concert in 2015 at Redcat in Los Angeles)

Louis Armstrong (USA)
"Dinah" (1933) [link]

Charles Atlas (photographer), Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener (choreographers) (USA)
"Communal Rituals and Desires" (on Atlas', Mitchell's and Riener's Tesseract) by Douglas Messerli

Charles Aznavor (France)
"La Boheme" [link]

Back to Back Theatre (Australia)
"Playing the Play" (on Ganesh Versus the Third Reich) by Douglas Messerli

Béla Balázs see Béla Bartok

Joe Arias (USA)
"Strange Fruit" on Arias' Billie Holiday Centennial Concert) by Douglas Messerli

Joey Arias and Basil Twist (USA)
"This Is It" (on Arias with a Twist and Michael Jackson) by Douglas Messerli

Paul Badura-Skoda (Austria/USA)
"A Sacred Domain" (on the death of Paul Badura-Skoda) by Douglas Messerli

Zelim Bakaev (Russia)
Murdered Russian pop-singer, killed in Chenya evidently because he was gay [link]
Two songs, including his famed "Nana."

George Balanchine (Russia/USA)
"Gems of Abstraction" (on Balanchine's ballet Jewels performed by the Mariinsky Ballet) by Douglas 

Kaye Ballard (USA)
"Where or When" (on Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On) by Douglas Messerli

Amiri Baraka (USA)
"Essential Dichotomies" (on Baraka's "The Toilet" and on his life and poetry) by Douglas Messerli 

Djuna Barnes (USA)
"Freeling Family" (on Djuna Barnes' Biography of Julie van Bartmann) by Douglas Messerli
Three from the Earth
"The Days on Jig Cook" (on George Cram Cook and the Provincetown Players)
"Djuna Barnes' Roots," (on the short plays of Djuna Barnes) by Douglas Messerli

"The Songs of Synge"
The Antiphon

J. M. Barrie (b. Scotland/England)
"The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" (printed play)
"The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" (radio play with the Barrymores)
"Bond of Age" (on Barrie's "Rosalind" and "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals") by Douglas Messerli
"The Locked Windows" (on Archer's and Breuer's Peter and Wendy, based on a novel by J. M. Barrie) by Douglas Messerli

Lionel Bart (England)
"Who Will Buy?" (from Bart's Oliver!) from My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas 

Béla Bartok (Hungary)
"Locking Up Being" (on Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle) by Douglas Messerli
"What's Love Got To Do with It?" (on Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle) by Douglas Messerli

Tina Bausch (Germany)
"You Know What I Mean" (on Bausch's Ten Chi and Richard Foreman's Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland) by Douglas Messerli

John Beasley/MONK'estra (USA)
"The Sweet Sound of Dissonance" (on MONK'estra performance at Broad Stage) by Douglas Messerli

Samuel Beckett (Ireland/France)
"Be Again" (on Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape)
"Nell's Death" (on Beckett's Endgame) by Douglas Messerli
"Living in the Details" (on Beckett's Waiting for Godot) by Douglas Messerli (Los Angeles
"Little Catastrophes" (on Beckett's Act Without Words II, Come and Go, Catastrophe, Footfalls, and
     Krapp's Last Tape) by Douglas Messerli (at Los Angeles' Odyssey Theatre)
"Sweating It: Three Mid-Century Tragi-Comedies) (on Beckett's Waiting for Godot) by Douglas Messerli (New York Production)
"Performing Iconic Theater" (on Beckett's Happy Days) by Douglas Messerli
"Talking the Tears Away" (on Beckett's Happy Days) by Douglas Messerli
Interview with and performance of Krapp's Last Tape by Harold Pinter

Belarus Free Theatre (Belarus)
"Sunday, Bloody, Sunday (2)" (on the company's Being Harold Pinter) by Douglas Messerli

David Belasco (USA)
The Return of Peter Grimm

Hans Bellmer (Germany)
"Notes on the Ball Joint"

Shelley Berc (USA)
A Girl's Guide to the Divine Comedy

Alban Berg (Germany)
"Desire Severed from Award" (on Berg's Lulu as performed at the MET Opera) by Douglas Messerli

Irving Berlin (USA)
"There's No Business Like Show Business" (from Annie Get Your Gun) by Douglas Messerli from  
     his "My Favorite Musical Theater Songs"

André De Shields (USA)
"The Wiz and the Tin Man" (on my relationship with André De Shields)

Hector Berlioz (France)
"Delusion and Dream" (on Berlioz' Les troyens) by Douglas Messerli

Elmer Bernstein and Carolyn Leigh (USA)
"Shakespeare Lied" (from Bernstein and Leigh's How Now Dow Jones) by Douglas Messerli

Felix Bernstein (USA)
Singing "Goodbye Old Girl" from Damn Yankees at age 12

Jamie Bernstein (USA)
"A Family Circus" (on Jamie Bernstein's Famous Father Girl) by Douglas Messerli 

Leonard Bernstein (USA)
"America" (from Bernstein's West Side Story) by Douglas Messerli
"The Best of All Possible Productions--To Date" (on Bernstein's Candide) by Douglas Messerli
"I Can Cook Too" (from Bernstein's On the Town) by Douglas Messerli
"It's Love" (on Bernstein's Wonderful Town) by Douglas Messerli
"Ohio" (from Bernstein's Wonderful Town) by Douglas Messerli from My Favorite Musical Theater    
"Something's Coming" (from Bernstein's West Side Story) from My Favorite Musical Theater Songs,  by Douglas Messerli
"Spiritual Uplift" (on Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti)
"Three Bernstein New Yorks" (on Bernstein's On the Town, Wonderful Town, and West Side Story) by 
     Douglas Messerli

Chuck Berry (USA)
Chuck Berry singing "Johnny B. Goode" / live performance [link]

Shyam Bhatt (England, lives USA)
"One of Us" (on Bhatt's Treya's Last Dance) by Douglas Messerli

Thomas Bird (USA)
"Testimony" (on Bird's one-man performance Bearing Witness) by Douglas Messerli

Susan Birkenhead (USA)
see Bob Martin

Georges Bizet (France)
"Love vs. Faith" (on Bizet's The Pearl Fishers) by Douglas Messerli
"Three Hateful Figures" (on Bizet's Carmen) by Douglas Messerli

Jens Bjørneboe (Norway)
The Bird Lovers
 "Cataloging Evil" (on Bjørneboe's The Bird Lovers and Semmelweis) by Douglas Messerli

Terence Blanchard (USA)

Stephane Blythe (USA)
"Live Where You Can" (on Breuer's and Bob Telson's The Gospel at Colonus) by Douglas Messerli  
Porto Morco
"Barnyard Philosophers" (on Breuer's Summa Dramatica and Porco Morto) by Douglas Messerli 

Lee Breuer and Maude Mitchell (USA)
"You Great Big Beautiful Doll" (on Mabou Mines Dollhouse) by Douglas Messerli

Marshall Brickman, Rick Elice, Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe (USA)
"Everybody Leaves" (on Brickman's, Elice's, Gaudio's, and Crewe's Jersey Boys) by Douglas Messerli

Benjamin Britten (England)
"Celebrating Liberation" (on Eric Crozier's and Britten's Albert Herring) by Douglas Messerli
"The Darkness Understands and Suffer" (on E. M. Forster, Eric Crozier, and Britton's Billy Budd) by Douglas Messerli
"The Piper's Son" (on Myfanwy Piper's and Britten's The Turn of the Screw) by Douglas Messerli

Peter Brook (with Marie-Hélène Estienne  and based on The Mahabharata, by Jean-Claude Carrière
"Going On" (on The Battlefield) by Douglas Messerli

Brooklyn Rider (USA)
"Dreaming Through Music" (on their performance with Magos Herrera) by Douglas Messerli

Hannibal Buress (USA)
"The Time Is Not Now" (on Buress' comedy performance Miami Nights) by Douglas Messerli

Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert, and Frank Loesser (USA)
"The Company Way" (on How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying) by Douglas Messerli
see also Frank Loesser

 Jez Butterworth (England)
"Sunday, Blood Sunday" (on Butterworth's Jerusalem) by Douglas Messerli

John Cage (USA)
"Nothing on a Lecture (on Robert Wilson's performance of Cage's Lecture on Nothing) by Douglas Messerli

Maria Callas (USA-Greece)
Callas singing from Madama Butterfly [link]

Alexi Kaye Campbell (Greece/England)
"Both Sides of Love" (on Campbell's The Pride) by Douglas Messerli

Karel Čapek (Czechoslavakia / now Czech Republic)
R. U. R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)

Al Carmines (based on Gertrude Stein) (USA)
In Circles (based on Stein's "A Circular Play"
Promenade (with Maria Irene Fornes)

Aimé Césaire (Martinique)
"Trying to Be Everything" (on Césaire's Une Saison Au Congo) by Douglas Messerli

Anton Chekhov (Russia)
"The Dogs Howl" (on Chekhov's The Seagull) by Douglas Messerli

Moose Charlap (music) (with Irene Mecchi (teleplay, based on the play by J. M. Barrie), Carolyn Leigh, Betty Comden and Adolph Green (lyrics, with additional lyrics by Amanda Green) and Jule Styne (music) (USA)
"Walkin' the Plank (on Peter Pan Live! [TV production, 2014]) by Douglas Messrli

Marissa Chibas (with Erik Ehn and Travis Preston) (USA)
Listening (on Chibas', Ehns', and Preston's Brewsie and Willie) by Douglas Messerli

Lucinda Childs (USA)
"Unaltered Images of Movement" (on Childs', Adams', and Gehry's Available Light) by Douglas Messerli

Julia Cho (USA)

Choi Jae Rim (South Korea)
see John Kander

Jean Cocteau (France)
Complete recordings of theater, performances and other works (link with UBUWeb)

Nat King Cole (USA)
"Tenderly," sung by Cole with piano by Oscar Peterson, 1957 [link]

Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh (USA)
"Hey, Look Me Over" (on Coleman's and Leigh's Wildcat) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by
     Douglas Messerli
"I've Got Your Number" (on Coleman's and Leigh's Little Me) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli

Betty Comden and Adolph Green (see also Jule Styne)
Betty Comden and Adolph Green (see also Leonard Bernstein)

Barbara Cook (USA)
"Getting to Know Her" (on Cook singing at the Wallis Annenberg Theatre) by Douglas Messerli

George Cram Cook (USA)
"The Days of Jig Cook" (on Cook and the Provincetown Players) by Djuna Barnes

George Cram Cook and Susan Glaspell (USA)
Suppressed Desires
"Celebration of Suppression" (on Cook's and Glaspell's Suppressed Desires) by Douglas Messerli

David Crosby (USA)
"She's Got To Be Somewhere" (song) [link]

Eric Crosier (England) see Benjamin Britten

Noël Coward (England)
"Breaking Away" (on Coward's Blithe Spirit) by Douglas Messerli
"Why Do the Wrong People Travel?" (from Sail Away) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by
     Douglas Messerli

Bob Crewe see Marshall Brickman

Nilo Cruz (USA)
"Literature Stirs the Emotions" (on Cruz's Anna of the Tropics) by Douglas Messerli

Tim Crouch (England)
"The Miracle of Art" (on Crouch's An Oak Tree) by Douglas Messerli

Stan Daniels (USA) see Joseph Stein

Gordon Davidson (USA)
"Creating Los Angeles Theater" (on the death of Gordon Davidson) by Douglas Messerli

Claude Debussy (France)
"The Outsiders" (on Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande) by Douglas Messerli 

Andy de Groat (USA)
"Expanding Time: Centers of a Whirling World" (on de Groat's career at the memorial service videoed by      
      Jacob Burkhardt's "Andy Dances at Judson Church September 17, 2019) by Douglas Messerli

Shelagh Delaney (England)
"Permanent Outsiders" (on Delaney's A Taste of Honey) by Douglas Messerli
"Thieves of Love" (on Delaney's A Taste of Honey) by Douglas Messerli

André De Shields (USA)
"The Wiz and the Tin Man" by Douglas Messerli

Mark Dion (USA)
see David Lang

Fats Domino (USA)
"Ain't That a Shame" (sung by Domino)

Gaetano Donizetti (Italy)
"Battling Divas" (on Giuseppe Bardari's and Gaetano Donizetti's Maria Stuarda) by Douglas Messerli
"Marie Gets Her Man and Her Gun" (on Donizetti's La fille du Régiment) by Douglas Messerli
"Scarf and Ring" (on Donizetti's Roberto Devereux) by Douglas Messerli
"Things Change" (on Donizetti's Roberto Devereux LAOpera) by Douglas Messerli

William DuBois (USA)
"To the Hills" (on DuBois' Haiti) by Douglas Messerli"

Vernon Duke (USA)
"Taking a Chance on Love" (on Duke on John Latouche's musical Cabin in the Sky) by Douglas  Messerli from "My Favorite Musical Theater Songs"

Antonín Dvořák (Czechoslavakia)
"Raping Nature" (on Dvořák's Rusalka) by Douglas Messerli

Billy Eckstine (USA)
"I Want to Talk About You" (song-link)

Elevator Repair Service (USA)
"Problems with the Text" (on Elevator Repair Services' Arguendo) by Douglas Messerli

Rick Elice (USA)
"Wasted on Youth" (on Elice's Peter and the Starcatcher) by Douglas Messerli
see also Marshall Brickman

Everly Brothers (USA)
"Bye Bye Love" (on the Everly Brothers and Phil Everly's death) by Douglas Messerli

Daniel Ezralow (USA)
"Pure Ecastasy" (on Ezralow Dance's Primo Passo) by Douglas Messerli

Marianne Faithfull (England)
"There's No Moon in Paris" [link]

Cy Feuer (USA)
"The Brotherhood" (on Cy Feuer and his death) by Douglas Messerli

Karen Finley (USA)
"The Escaped Unicorn" (on Finley's performance The Expanded Unicorn Gratitude Mystery) by     
     Douglas Messerli

William Finn and James Lapine (USA)
"And Where Are Your Now?" (on Finn's and Lapine's Falsettos) by Douglas Messerli
"Something Bad Is Happening" (on Finn's and Lapine's Falsettos) by Douglas Messerli
See also James Lapine

Ronald Firbank (England)
"The Princess Zoubaroff"

Ella Fitzgerald (USA)
"Summertime" (by George and Ira Gershwin, 1968, with the Tee Carson trio) [link]

John Fleck (USA)
"Enchanted Man" (on Fleck's it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!) by Douglas Messerli
"Somewhat Off the Road" (on Fleck's Blacktop Highway) by Douglas Messerli

Richard Foreman (USA)
Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland
"The Unfortunate Truth of My Situtation" (on Foremlan's Old-Fashioned Prostitutes) by Douglas
"You Know What I Mean" (on Foreman's Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland and Tina Bausch's
Ten Chi) by Douglas Messerli

Maria Irene Fornes (b. Cuba/USA)
"The Power of Desperation" (on The Conduct of Life) by Douglas Messerli
"A Very Long Walk" (on Promenade) by Douglas Messerli
"Rain of Summons" (on Fefu and Her Friends) by Douglas Messerli
"Two Kinds of Screams" (on Fefu and Her Friends) by Douglas Messerli

Simone Forti (born Italy, USA)
"A Different Voice: An Interview between Simone Forti and Douglas Messerli"

Jackson C. Frank (USA)
singing "Milk and Honey" and "Blues Run the Game"

Scott Frankel (USA) see Doug Wright

Aretha Franklin (USA)
"A Diva of the People" (on the death of Aretha Franklin) by Douglas Messerli

Bruce Jay Friedman (USA)
"The Confession" (on Friedman's Steambath) by Douglas Messerli

Max Frisch (Switzerland)
"The Conflagration" (on Frisch's The Arsonists) by Douglas Messerli

George Furth (USA) see Stephen Sondheim

Juan Gabriel (Mexico)
"Amor Eterno" [link]

Peter Galison (USA) (see William Kentridge)

Armand Gatti (Monaco/France)
Two Plays: The 7 Possibilities from Train 713 Departing from Auschwitz and
Public Song Before Two Electric Chairs

Susan Glaspell (USA)
see also George Cook Cram

Betty Garrett (USA)
"I'm Still Here: Two Valentines" (on performances by Garrett and Eliane Stritch) by Douglas Messerli

Bob Gaudio see Marshall Brickman

Jack Gelber (USA)
"Eye to Eye" (on Gelber's Square in the Eye and Arnold Weinstein's Red Eye of Love) by Douglas Messerli

George and Ira Gershwin (USA)
"I Got Rhythm" (from their Girl Crazy) from My Favorite Theater Musicals by Douglas Messerli
"Summertime" (sung by Ella Fitzgerald, 1968, with the Tee Carson trio) [link]
"It Ain't Necessarily So" (on the Gershwin's Porgy and Bess at the MET Opera) by Douglas Messerli

Robin Gibb (an the Bee Gees) (England)
"Close Another Door" [link]

W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan (England)
"The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze (from The Mikado) by Douglas Messerli from his "My Favorite Musical Theater Songs"

Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Lucinda Childs, and Christopher Knowles (USA)
"This One Is Being Very America" (on Glass, Wilson, and Child's Einstein on the Beach) by Douglas Messerli
"Send in the Clowns" (on Glass' Akhnaten) by Douglas Messerli

Gob Sqaud (based in Germany/Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Sharon Smith, Berit Stumpf, Sarah
     Thom, Bastian Trost, and Simon Will)
"The Past Becomes the Future" (on Gob Squad's production of Creation (Pictures for Dorian) by 
     Douglas Messerli

James Goldman (USA)
"Slightly Sour" (on Goldman's and Sondheim's Follies) by Douglas Messerli

Annie Gosfield (with Yuval Sharon) (USA)
"Architecture Saves the Day" (on Gosfield's and Sharon's opera War of the Worlds) by Douglas

Philip Kan Gotanda (USA)
"Mixed Messages" (on Gotanda's Remember the I-Hotel) by Douglas Messerli

Carel Gott (Czech Republic)

Allen Graubard (USA)
"Comment on Gellu Naum's The Taus Watch Repair Shop"

Alice Goodman, Peter Sellars, and John Adams (USA)
"Six Degrees of Insanity" (on Goodman's, Sellars', and Adams' Nixon in China) by Douglas Messerli

David Greenspan (USA)
Son of an Engineer
"Going Nowhere" (on Greenspan's Go Back to Where You Are) by Douglas Messerli

Tammy Grimes (USA)
"Are You Sure?" (on the death of singer/actor Tammy Grimes) by Douglas Messerli

John Guare (USA)
"On Red Eye of Love"

Dan Guerrero (USA)
"Mariachi to Merman" (on ¡Gaytino! ) by Douglas Messerli

Adam Guettel (USA)
"Losing Your Mind" (on The Light in the Piazza) by Douglas Messerli

Buddy Guy (USA)
"Can't Be Satisfied" [link]

Peter Hall (England)
"Animal Uproar" (on George Orwell's Animal Farm) by Douglas Messerli

Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers (USA) see Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

George Frideric Handel (England)
"An Adventure into a Nearly Forgetten World of Opera" (on Handel's Agrippina at the MET) by
      Douglas Messerli
"Tears and Hope" (on Handel's Giulio Cesare) by Douglas Messerli

Lorraine Hansberry (USA)
"The Reluctant Warrior" (on Hansberry's Les Blancs) by Douglas Messerli
"Survivors" (on A Raisin in the Sun) by Douglas Messerli

E. Y. Harburg and Burton Lane (USA), My Favorite Theater Songs, "How Are Things in Glocca Mora?" by Douglas Messerli

Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock (USA)
My Favorite Theater Songs,"Will He Like Me" (from Harnick and Bock's She Loves Me) by Douglas Messerli
"Writing Tenderly" (on Harnick's, Bock's and Masteroff's She Loves Me) by Douglas Messerli

James Harris (USA)
"Theater in the Merry-Go-Round" (on James Harris's An Illegal Start) by Pablo Capra

Cailin Maureen Harrison (USA/Ireland)
"Attempting to Save a People Who Do Not Need Saving" (on Harrison's Defenders) by Douglas

Lou Harrison (USA)
"Pacific Music" (on Harrison's concert at Redcat, Music of the Pacific) by Douglas Messerli

Lorenz Hart (USA)
"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" (from Hart's and Richard Rodgers' Pal Joey) by Douglas 
     Messerli "My Favorite Musical Theater Songs"

Paul Hindemith (Germany/USA)
"Explaining to the US What Evil Is All About" (on Murderer, Hope of Women (Mörder, Hoffnung der 
     Frauen) by Douglas Messerli

Billie Holiday (see Lanie Robertson)

Robert Hunter (USA)
"Robert Hunter: Poet" (on Hunter's lyrics for The Grateful Dead) by Douglas Messerli

Václav Havel (Czech Republic)
"The Orange Door (on Havel's Largo desolato, ranslated from the Czech by Tom Stoppard) by 
     Douglas Messserli 

John Hawkes (USA)
"The Empty Pool" (on Hawkes' The Innocent Party) by Douglas Messerli

Jake Heggie (USA)
"The Face of God" (On Heggie's and Terrence MacNally's Dead Man Walking) by Douglas Messerli
"Embracing the Cannibal" (on Heggie and Gene Scheer's Moby-Dick) by Douglas Messerli
"Cut" (on Hnath's A Public Reading of a Unproduced Screenplay about the Death of Walt Disney) by Douglas Messerli
"What Does It Mean to Believe?" (on Hnath's The Christians) by Douglas Messerli

Billie Holliday (USA)
"Pennies from Heaven" sung by Billie Holiday [link]
"Stormy Weather" sung by Billie Holliday (1952) [link]
Billie Holiday singing "September Song" and others

Hotel Modern (and Arthur Sauer)
"Toy Soldiers" (on their production of The Great War) by Douglas Messerli
Hotel Modern
"Toys" (on their production of Kamp) by Douglas Messerli

Maureen Huskey (USA)
"A World of Endless Picnics" (on Huskey's The Woman Who Went to Space as a Man) by Douglas 

Henrik Ibsen (Norway)
"The Man Who Stands Alone" (on Ibsen's An Enemy of the People) by Douglas Messerli
When We Dead Awaken
"When We Dead Awaken" (on Ibsen's play) by C. H. A. Bjerregaard
Hedda Gabler 
"Burned Up" (on Ibsen's Hedda Gabler) by Douglas Messerli
"Ibsen's New Drama" by James Joyce
"Some Questions to Ibsen about His Ghosts (on Ibsen's Ghosts) by Douglas Messerli
"Zombies" (on Ibsen's Ghosts) by Douglas Messerli

Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa (Italy) see Giacomo Puccini

William Inge
"A Utopian Revisioning of a Small-Town Dystopia" (on Inge's Picnic) by Douglas Messerli

Eugene Ionesco (Romania / France)
"Sweating It: Three Mid-Century Tragi-Comedies" (on Ionesco's Exit the King, Waiting for Godot and West Side Story) by Douglas Messerli
"Growing Horns" (on Ionesco's Rhinoceros) by Douglas Messerli

Charles Ives (USA)
"Three Quarter Tone Pieces"

Hugh Jackman (Australia) and cast
"I Go to Rio" from The Boy from Oz [link]

Michael Jackson (USA)
"This Is It" (on Jackson's filmed rehearsals and Joey Arias and Basil Twist's Arias with a Twist) by Douglas Messerli

Tom Jacobson (USA)
"Asking Questions" (on Jacobson's Captain of the Bible Team Quiz) by Douglas Messerli

Henry James (USA)

Alfred Jarry (France)
Early chansons, lectures about Jarry, and a film version of Ubu Roi (link to Ubuweb)
Ubu Roi (movie version by Jean-Christophe Averty)

David Javerbaum (USA)
"Holy Lite" (on Javerbaum's An Act of God) by Douglas Messerli

Jen Jenkin (USA)
"Heart of Darkness" (on Jenkin's Dark Ride) by Douglas Messerli
Dream Express (link with Jenkin's site)

Erik Jensen (see Jessica Blank)

John, Paul, and Mary [Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, and Mary Travers] (USA)
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone" [link]

Elton John (England)
Your Song / link

Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Company (USA)
"Dancing Deep Memories of the Past" (on Bill T. Jones' Analogy Trilogy at UCLA's Royce Hall)

Tom Jones (USA)
see Harvey Schmidt

Ben Johnston (USA)
"Hovering Over and Beneath" (on Johnston and Harry Partch) by Douglas Messerli

Rajiv Joseph (USA)
"Accidents of History" (on Joesph's Archduke) by Douglas Messerli
"Damaged Goods" (on Joseph's Gruesome Playground Injuries) by Douglas Messerli
"Tyger! Tyger! Burning Bright" (on Joseph's Bengal Tiger in the Baghdad Zoo) by Douglas Messerli

James Joyce (Ireland)
"Ibsen's New Drama"

Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin (England)
"Loud and Quiet" (on Kelly's and Minchin's Matilda) by Douglas Messerli

John Kelly (USA)
"Against Linear Time" (on John Kelly's Time No Line) by Douglas Messerli

Robert Kelly (USA)
"Monologues for Orpheus: A Dance Play"

Adrienne Kennedy (USA)
"Herselves: A Chamber Piece" (on Kennedy's Funnyhhouse of a Negro) by Douglas Messerli

William Kentridge (South Africa)
"Undoing, Unsaying" (on Kentridge, Philip Miller, Dada Masilo, Catherine Meyburgh, and Peter    
     Galison's Refuse the Hour) by Douglas Messerli

Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II (USA)
"Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine" (from Showboat) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by
   Douglas Messerli
"Ol' Man River" (from Showboat) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli

Jerome Kern and Otto Harbach (USA)
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" (sung by The Platters, 1958) [link]

Pat Kinevane (Ireland)
"Going Home to Milk the Cows)"(on Pat Kinevane's Before at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble) by   
      Douglas Messerli

B. B. King (USA)
"The Thrill" (on a performance and King's death) by Douglas Messerli

Benjamin Ensley Klein (USA)
"Ann, the Fast-Talking Texas Broad" (on Klein's Ann) by Douglas Messerli

Oscar Kokoschka (Austria)
Murderer the Women's Hope
Muderer, the Women's Hope (repost)

Bernard-Marie Koltès (France)
"Men in the Streets" (on the Zeromski Theatre's production of In the Solitude of Cotton Fields) by Douglas Messerli

Michael Korie (USA) see Doug Wright

Alfred Kreymborg (USA)
Jack's House (A Cubic-Play)
Lima Beans
"Food for Love" (on Kreymborg's Lima Beans) by Douglas Messerli

Damish Kudaibergen (Kazakhstan)
"Adagio" (sung by Damish Kudiabergen) [link]

Tony Kushner (USA)
"Crashing Through the Ceiling of Despair" (on Kushner's Angels in America: Millennium Approaches) by Douglas Messerli

Tom La Farge (USA)
Talking While Shaving

Burton Lane (USA) (see E. Y. Harburg)

Scott LaFaro [USA] [link]
"Some Other Time" with the Bill Evans Trio at the Village Vanguard

Jeffrey Lane and David Yazbek (USA)
"No One's Home" (on Lane's and Yazbek's Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown) by Douglas Messerli

David Lang (USA)
"Where Is Evil?" (on Lang's and Dion's Anatomy Theater) by Douglas Messerli
"When the Piano Won't Speak" (on Lang's face so pale) by Douglas Messerli

James Lapine (USA)
"Out of the Woods" (on Lapine's and Sondheim's Into the Woods) by Douglas Messerli

Orlando di Lasso (Flemish/Belgium)
"Redeeming the Future" (on di Lasso's Lagrime di San Pietro [Tears of St. Peter] by the Los Angles 
 Master Chorale) by Douglas Messerli 

Miklos Laszlo (Hungary/USA)
"Working Against Love" (on Laszlo's Parfumerie) by Douglas Messerli 

John Latouche (USA)
"Slipping Again" (on the Latouche biography by Howard Pollack, The Ballad of John Latouche) by Douglas Messerli
See also Jerome Moross

Arthur Laurents (USA)
"Three Bernstein New Yorks" (on West Side Story and two other Bernstein musicals) by Douglas Messerli
"Sweating It: Three Mid-Century Tragi-Comedies" (on West Side Story and plays by Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco) by Douglas Messerli
"The Coward's Hand" (on Laurents' Home of the Brave) by Douglas Messerli
"A Necessary Vacuum" (on Laurents' Gypsy) by Douglas Messerli

Deborah Lawlor (USA)
"Leaping Out" (on Lawlor's play Freddy) by Douglas Messerli

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee (USA)
"The Gang's Still Here" (on Lawrence's and Lee's The Gang's All Here) by Douglas Messerli
"My Broadway Hit" (on a celebration for Jerome Lawrence) by Douglas Messerli

Daniel Lentz (USA)
see Vicki Ray

Stacey Levine (USA)
"The Good House" (in Levine's Susan Moneymaker, Large and Small) by Douglas Messerli
Susan Moneymaker, Large and Small: A Ten Minute Play

Adam Linder (USA and Germany)
"Dying for Love" (on Linder's and Ethan Braun's The Want) by Douglas Messerli

Little Richard (USA)
"Tutti Frutti" (Little Richard in performance) [link]

Frank Loesser (USA)
"Chance and Chemistry" (on Loesser's, Swerling's and Burrows' Guys and Dolls) by Douglas    
My Favorite Musical Theater Songs, "Adelaide's Lament" (from Guys and Dolls) by Douglas Messerli
My Favorite Musical Theater Songs, "I Believe in Your" (from How to Succeed in Business without
     Really Trying) by Douglas Messerli
My Favorite Theater Songs, "Luck Be a Lady" (from Guys and Dolls) by Douglas Messerli
My Favorite Theater Songs, "Never Will I Mary" (from Greenwillow) by Douglas Messerli

Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner (USA)
"On the Street Where You Live" (on Lerner and Loewe's song from My Fair Lady) by Douglas Messerli

Craig Lucas (USA)
"Losing Your Mind" (on The Light in the Piazza) by Douglas Messerli

Kirk Lynn (USA)
"Approaching the Real" (on Lynn's The Method Gun) by Douglas Messerli

Tracy Letts (USA)
"Muddy Boots" (on Letts' August: Osage County) by Douglas Messerli

Joshua Logan (USA) see Oscar Hammerstein II

Alvin Lucier (USA)
"The Music of Our Own Ears" (on The Ever Present Orchestra and Alvin Lucier)

Taylor Mac (USA)
"Hey Jude" (on Mac's play Hir) by Douglas Messerli

Terrence MacNally (USA) see Jake Heggie

Maurice Maeterlinck (Belgium)
The Intruder

Claudio Magris (Italy)
To Have Been
Voices: Three Plays

Malpaso Dance Company (Cuba)
"The Square and the Tower" (on the company's performance at The Wallis Annenberg Center for  
     Performing Arts) by Douglas Messerli

F. T. Marinetti (and others) (Italy)
"The Futurist Synthetic Theater"

Bob Martin (USA)
"Warm Up" (on Martin's, Charles Strouse's, and Susan Birkenhead's Minsky's) by Douglas Messerli

Dada Masilo  (South Africa) (see William Kentridge)

Jules Massenet (France)
"Between Duty and the Devil" (on Massenet's Werther) by Douglas Messerli
"Dream and Language" (on Massenet's Cendrillon) by Douglas Messerli

Joe Masteroff (USA)
'Writing Tenderly" (on Masteroff's, Harnick's and Bock's She Loves Me) by Douglas Messerli

Vladimir Mayakovsky (Russia)
Vladimir Mayakovsky: Tragedy in Two Acts with a Prologue and an Epilogue
The Bathtub (adapted by Paul Schmidt)

Missy Mazzoli (USA)
"Glimpses of a Vaster Landscape" (on Mazzoli's opera Song from the Uproar) by Douglas Messerli

Murray Mednick (USA)
"White Lace and Red Poetry" (on Mednick's play Mayakovsky and Stalin) by Douglas Messerli

Gian Carlo Menotti (Italy / USA)
"Is There Anyone To Whom the Heart Can Be Explained?" (on Menotti's opera The Consul) by
     Douglas Messerli

Bob Merrill (USA)
"Mira (Can You Imagine That?)" (on Merrill's song from Carnival!) by Douglas Messerli
see also Jule Styne

Catherine Meyburgh (South Africa) (see William Kentridge)

Julia Migenes (USA, lives Paris)
"Frozen on a Bed of Chance" (on Migenes' La Vie en Rose) by Douglas Messerli

Benjamin Millepied (b. France / USA)
"The Architectonics of Love" (on the L.A. Dance Project's performance at The Wallis Annenberg
      Center for Performing Arts) by Douglas Messerli

Arthur Miller (USA)
"Tearing Down Bridges" (on Miller's A View from the Bridge) by Douglas Messerli
"Whatever Happend to Willy Loman?" (on Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman) by Douglas Messerli

Tim Miller (USA)
"Tokyo Tim"

Philip Miller  (South Africa) (see William Kentridge)

Rashaun Mitchell (USA) (see Charles Atlas)

Meredith Monk
"A Great Opera Brought Into the Repertoire" (on Monk's Atlas) by Douglas Messerli

Yves Montand (France)
"Les Feuilles Mortes" (Autumn Leaves)

Jerome Moross and John La Touche (USA)
"Lazy Afternoon" (on Moross' and La Touche's The Golden Apple) by Douglas Messerli

Jelly Roll Morton (USA)
"An American Epic" (on Poor Dog Group's production of The Murder Ballad [1938]) by Douglas Messerli

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Germany)
Douglas Messerli Bad Day on the Seville Streets (on Lorenzo da Ponte's and Wolfgang Amadeus 
Douglas Messerli Terrifying Twists (on Lorenzo da Ponte's and Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro)
Douglas Messerli Emblems of Love (on Emanuel Schikaneder's and Mozart's The Magic Flute)

Nico Muhly (USA)
Douglas Messerli Tumbling Through Their Own Sentences (on Muhly's opera Marnie)
see also Nicholas Wright

David Mynne (England)
"A Man of Different Stories" (on Mynne's performance of A Christmas Carol) by Douglas Messerli

Gellu Naum (Romania)
The Taus Watch Repair Shop

Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse (England)
"Who Can I Turn To" (on Newley's and Bricusse's song) by Douglas Messerli

Jeton Neziraji (Kosovo)
"Interpretation of Dreams" (on Neziraji's Department of Dreams) by Douglas Messerli

Jacques Offenbach (Germany/France) (with Jules Barbier and Michael Carre. based on E.T.A.Hoffmann)
"Love and Tears" (on Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann) by Douglas Messerli

 John O'Keefe (USA)
"Afraid of Sleeping" (on O'Keefe's All Night Long)
"What Have We Reaped?" (on O'Keefe's Reapers)

Eugene O'Neill (USA)
"Dancing with a Dead Man" (on O'Neil's A Moon for the Misbegotten) by Douglas Messerli
"The Awakened Emperor" (on O'Neill's The Emperor Jones) by Douglas Messerli
"Standing in the Moonlight" (on O'Neill's Ah, Wilderness!) by Douglas Messerli
"Life in a Cage" (on O'Neill's The Hairy Ape) by Douglas Messerli
"In Control" (on O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night) by Douglas Messerli
"Written in Tears and Blood" (on O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night) by Douglas Messerli
"Tortuous Nights" (on O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night) by Douglas Messerli
"The Endless Voyage" (on O'Neill's Glencairn Plays) by Douglas Messerli
     The Moon of the Caribees

Jerry Orbach (USA)
"Try to Remember" from The Fantasticks by Jerry Orbach [link]

The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners (USA)
"Shouts, Screams, Shrieks, Wails and Hoots" (on Luigi Rusolo and The Orchestra of Futurist Noise  
     Intoners) by Douglas Messerli

Rogelio Orizondo and Teatro El Público
"A Tragic Cabaret" (on Antignón, un contigente Épico) by Douglas Messerli

Joe Orton (England)
"After All, People Might Talk" (on Orton's Loot) by Douglas Messerli
"Identity in Dashes" (on Orton's What the Butler Saw) by Douglas Messerli

George Orwell (England) (see Peter Hall)

Eric Overmyer (USA)
"The Fire Within" (on Overmyer's Dark Rapture) by Douglas Messerli
"Past Present Future Tense" (on Overymer's On the Verge) by Douglas Messerli

Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone (USA)
"Look to the Rainbow" (on their musical The Book of Mormon) by Douglas Messerli

Suzan-Lori Parks
"Leap of Faith" (on Parks' Father Comes Home from the Wars, Parts 1, 2 and 3) by Douglas Messerli

Harry Partch (USA)
"Going/Gone Crazy" (on Partch: Windsong at Redcat) by Douglas Messerli
"Hovering Over and Beneath" (on Partch: Daphne of the Dunes) by Douglas Messerli

Erik Patterson (USA)
"Actually Touching" (on Patterson's play Handjob) by Douglas Messerli

Carey Perloff (USA)
"Life Meeting Art' (on Carey Perloff's book Pinter and Stoppard: A Director's View) by Douglas Messerli

Peter, Paul, and Mary (USA)
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone" (singers) [link]
"Peter, Paul, and Mary" concert on BBC 1965

Kier Peters (Douglas Messerli) (USA)
A Dog Tries to Kiss the Sky
The Rumble
The Confirmation
"Confirming Reality" (on Peters' The Confirmation) by Douglas Messerli
"Kier's Secret German Audience" (on Peters' The Confirmation) by Douglas Messerli
The Wonder

Oscar Peterson (USA)
Peterson playing paino for Nat King Cole's song Tenderly from 1947

Stephen Petronio (USA
American Landscapes

Ben Phelps (USA)
see Vicki Ray

Edith Piaf (France)
"Milord" [link]

Francesco Mari Piave (Italy) see Giuseppe Verdi

Harold Pinter (England)
"Another Room" (on Pinter's The Room) by Douglas Messerli
"The Homecoming Gift" (on Pinter's The Homecoming) by Douglas Messerli
"Talk" (on Pinter's The Collection) by Douglas Messerli
"The Wasps" (on Pinter's A Slight Ache) by Douglas Messerli

"Service" (on Pinter's The Dumb Waiter) by Douglas Messerli
Interview with and performance of Krapp's Last Tape
"Life Meeting Art" (on Carey Perloff's book Pinter and Stoppard: A Director's View) by Douglas Messerli

The Platters (USA)
"Only You (and Only You)" [link]

Cole Porter (USA) [with P. G. Wodehouse, Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay, Russell Crouse, Timothy Crouse and John Weidman]
"Anything Goes" (from Porter's Anything Goes "My Favorite Musical Theater Songs" by Douglas 
"Night and Day" (from Gay Divorce "My Favorite Musical Theater Songs" by Douglas Messerli
"Pure Poetry" (on Porter's Anything Goes) by Douglas Messerli

Aaron Posner (USA)
"The Heal' (based on Sophocles' Philoctetes) by Douglas Messerli 

Francis Poulenc (France)
"Fanatical Martyrs" (on Poulenc's Dialogue of the Carmelites) by Douglas Messerli

J. B. Priestley (England)
"The Circle of Time" (on Preistley's An Inspector Calls) by Douglas Messerli

Giacomo Puccini (music), Geuelfo Civinini and Carlo Zangarini (Italy) / David Belasco (USA)
"Going West" (on La faniciulla del West) by Douglas Messerli

Giacomo Puccini (music), Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa (Italy)
"Facing the Cold" (on La Boheme) by Douglas Messerli
"The Blindfold" (on Madama Butterfly, MET production) by Douglas Messerli
"Fin de siecle" (on Madama Butterfly, LAOpera production) by Douglas Messerli
"A Kind of Turandot" (on Madama Butterfly, MET production, 2016) by Douglas Messerli
"The Barbarian Within" (on Turandot, MET production) by Douglas Messerli

Henry Purcell (England)
"Hello, I Must Be Going" (on Purcell and Nahum Tate's Dido and Aeneas) by Douglas Messerli

Philippe Quesne (France)
"Elemental Theater" (on Quesne's The Melancholy of Dragons ) by Douglas Messerli 

Peter Quilter (England)
"An Incautious Overdose of Life" (on Quilter's End of the Rainbow) by Douglas Messerli

Hamind Rahanian (Iran / USA)
Hamid Rahmanian (with Vikas Menon) and music by Loga Ramin Torkian and Azam Ali
"The Bird and the Serpent in Love" (on Rahamanian's Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic) by Douglas Messerli

Nina Raines (England)
"Moonlight" (on Raines' Tribes) by Douglas Messerli

Maurice Ravel (composer) and Colette (libretto) (France)
"Bad Manners" (on Ravel's L'enfant et les sortileges (The Child and the Sorceries) by Douglas Messerli

Vicki Ray (USA)
"It's Elementary" (on Ray's piano concert at Redcat in Feburary 2016) by Douglas Messerli
"Simple Songs and Wild Variations" (on Ray's piano concert with Carole Kim, Rivers of Time) by
     Douglas Messerli

Reidemeister Move (Robin Hayward, Christopher Willimas, and Charlie Morrow) (UK and USA)
"What Is Sound" (on Reidemeister's concert at REDCAT, 2018) by Douglas Messerli

Elmer Rice (USA)
The Adding Machine
"More Than Zero?" (on the musical version of Rice's The Adding Machine) by Douglas Messerli

Claibe Richardson and Kenward Elmslie (USA)
"Chain of Love" (from their The Glass Harp) by Douglas Messerli

Jack Richardson (USA)
"Locked Up" (on Richardson's Gallows Humor) by Douglas Messerli

Silas Riener (USA) (see Charles Atlas)

Lanie Robertson (USA)
"To Stop Breathing" (on Robertson's play Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill, with songs from Billie Holiday) by Douglas Messerli

Paul Robeson (USA)
Robeson singing "The House I Live In" [link]

David Thomas Roberts (USA)
"Nocturne No. 1" [link]
"Roberto Clementee" [link]

Lanie Robertson (USA) / with songs of Billie Holiday
"To Stop Breathing" (on Robertson's Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill) by Douglas Messerli

Smokey Robinson (USA)
"Ooh Baby Baby," sung live [link]

Mary Rodgers and Marshall Barer (USA)
"Shy" (from Once Upon a Mattress) My Favorite Musical Songs by Douglas Messerli

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II (USA)
"Bali Ha'i" (from Rodgers' and Hammerstein's South Pacific) from My Favorite Musical Theater 
     Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" (from Hart's and Richard Rodgers' Pal Joey) by Douglas  
     Messerli "My Favorite Musical Theater Songs"
"Confused by Paradise" (on Rodgers' and Hammerstein's South Pacific) by Douglas Messerli
"June Is Bustin' Out All Over" (from Rodgers' and Hammerstein's Carousel) My Favorite Musical
     Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Oh What a Beautiful Morning'  (From Rodgers' and Hammerstein's Oklahoma!) My Favorite        Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Some Enchanted Evening" (from Rodgers' and Hammerstein's South Pacific) from My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Taming the Barbarians" (on Rodgers' and Hammerstein's The King and I and the film I Married a
     Witch) by Douglas Messerli

Harold Rome (USA)
"I Know Your Kind" (from Destry Rides Again) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas
"Miss Marmelstein" (from I Can Get It for Your Wholesale) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by
     Douglas Messerli

Linda Ronstadt (USA)
"Blue Bayou" [link]
Linda Rondstat (performance in Stadthalle, Offenbach Germany [link]

Jerry Ross (see Richard Adler)

David Roussève and his dance company REALITY (USA)
"Rose Colored Glasses" (on Roussève's Halfway to Dawn) by Douglas Messerli

Gioachino Rossini (Italy)

Paul Sand (USA)
"The Man Who Fell to Earth" (on Sand's play The Pilot Who Crashed the Party) by Douglas Messerli

Kamala Sankaram (USA)
"Power Speaks Lies" (on Sankaram's opera Thumbprint) by Douglas Messerli

Sean San Jose (USA)
 "Mixed Messages" (on San Jose's Presenting....the Monstress!) by Douglas Messerli

Aram Saroyan (USA)
Gertrude and Lew: A Double Bill

Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik [USA] [see Frank Wedekind]

Gene Scheer [see Jake Heggie]

Janet Schlapkohl (USA)
"The Same but Different" (on Schlapkohl's My Sister) by Douglas Messerli

Roland Schimmelpfennig (Germany)
"Telling the Story As It Is Being Told" (on Schimmelpfennig's The Arabian Night and Woman from the Past)

Arthur Schnitzler (Austria)
Hands Around or La Ronde
"An Endless Dance" (on Schnitzler's La Ronde) by Douglas Messerli

Robert Schenkkan (USA)
"A Bigger Wall Than Ever Imagined" (on Schenkkan's Building the Wall) by Douglas Messerli

Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones (USA)
"My Cup Runneth Over" (from I Do, I Do!) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Try To Remember" (from The Fantasticks) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas  

Steven Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson (USA)
"Finale" (on Schwartz and Hirson's Pippin) by Douglas Messerli

James Scott (USA)
"The Princess Rag" (1911) [link]

Peter Sellars and John Adams (USA)
"A Body Transfixed by the Noonday Sun" (on Sellars' and Adams' The Gosepl According to the Other Mary) by Douglas Messerli
"Six Degrees of Insanity" (on Goodmans', Sellars' and Adams' Nixon in China) by Douglas Messerli

William Shakespeare (England)
"Even the Fool Is Hung" (on Shakespeare's King Lear) by Douglas Messerli

Jackie Shane (USA/Canada)
"Waking the Dog" [link]

George Bernard Shaw (England)
Heartbreak House
"Keeping the Homefires Burning" (on Shaw's Heartbreak House) by Douglas Messerli

Wallace Shawn (USA)
"Even the Thought" (on Shawn's A Thought in Three Parts) by Douglas Messerli
"The Survivor" (on Shawn's The Designated Mourner) by Douglas Messerli

Martin Sherman (USA)
"Talking Sex" (on Sherman's Bent) by Douglas Messerli

Dmitri Shostakovich (USSR)
"Shrill Charm" (on Shostakovich's Nos (The Nose) by Douglas Messerli

Sam Shepard (USA)
"Them and Us" (on Shepard's Killer's Head and The Unseen Hand) by Douglas Messerli
"Unburying the Dead" (on Shepard's Buried Child) by Douglas Messerli

Troye Sivah (b. South Africa, lived Australia, now USA)
"Bloom" song [link]
"Lucky Strike" [link]
"My My My" song [link]
"Plum" song [link]

Stephen Sondheim (USA)
"The Believers and Those Who Have Lost Faith" (on Furth's and Sondheim's Merrily We Roll    
     Along) by Douglas Messerli
"In Buddy's Eyes" (from Follies) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Into the Woods" (on Lapine's and Sondheim's Into the Woods) by Douglas Messerli
"Johanna" (song from Sweeney Todd) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Losing My Mind" (from Follies) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"Losing My Mind" (on Stephen Sondheim's Side by Side by Sondheim) by Douglas Messerli
"Not a Day Goes By" (on the song from Merrily We Roll Along) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs
    by Douglas Messerli
"Convincing the Soloist to Join the Band" (on Furth's and Sondheim's Company) by Douglas  
"Send in the Clowns" (from A Little Night Music) from My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by  
     Douglas Messerli
"Sweating It: Three Mid-Century Tragic-Comedies" (on West Side Story, Waiting for Godot and Exit the King) by Douglas Messerli
"A Necessary Vacuum" (on Laurents' and Sondheim's Gypsy) by Douglas Messerli
 "Slightly Sour" (on Goldman's and Sondheim's Follies) by Douglas Messerli
see also Leonard Bernstein
see also Mary Rodgers
see also Richard Rodgers
see also Jule Styne

Sophocles (Greek)
see Aaron Posner

Tyshawn Sorey (USA)
In Circles (music by Al Carmines)
a recording from the Santa Fe Opera of Stein's and Virgil Thomson's opera The Mother of Us All
(UBUweb link)
The Mother of Us All (television broadcast from The Metropolitan Musuem of Art)
What Happened: A Five Act Play

Joseph Stein (USA)
"Moving on Down" (on Stein and Stan Rice's Enter Laughing) by Douglas Messerli
"On the Side of the Angels" (on Stein, Jerry Bock, and Tom Bosley and their deaths) by Douglas  

John Steppling (USA)
Sea of Cortez
"The Verge of Possibility" (on Steppling's Sea of Cortez) by Douglas Messerli

Sting (England)
"Sailing Off to Save Their Souls" (on Sting's and Lorene Campbell's The Last Ship)

Richard Strauss (Germany)
"A Dance of Death" (on Strauss' Salome, MET Opera production)
"O Terrible Night" (on Strauss' Salome, LAOpera production)
"Taking Up the Axe" (on Strauss' Electra)
"Yes, Yes" (on Strauss' Der Rosenkavalier, MET Opera production) 

Billy Strayhorn (USA)
see David Roussève

Barbra Streisand (USA)
"Songs Porcelain and Silver-Plated" (Streisand's 2017 concert) by Douglas Messerli

Michael Stewart (USA)
see Jerry Herman

August Strindberg (Sweden)
"Adam and Snake" (on Stridberg's Creditors) by Douglas Messerli 
Miss Julie
"The Crazy Lady" (on Strindberg's Miss Julie) by Douglas Messerli
"The Quarantined Couple" (on Strindberg's The Dance of Death) by Douglas Messerli
"Strindberg As Absurdist" (on Strindberg's The Ghost Sonata) by Douglas Messerli 

Elaine Stritch (USA)
"I'm Still Here: Two Valentines" (on performances by Stritch and Betty Garrett) by Douglas Messerli

Tom Stoppard (b. Czechoslavakia / England)
Jule Styne (USA)
"Everything's Coming Up Roses" (lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) (from Gypsy) My Favorite Musical
      Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"The Party's Over" (lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green) (from Bells Are Ringing) My    
      Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas Messerli
"People" (lyrics by Bob Merrill) (from Funny Girl) My Favorite Musical Theater Songs by Douglas 

Jule Styne (USA) see Arthur Laurents or Stephen Sondheim
Jule Styne (USA) see Moose Charlap and others

Jo Swerling (USA) see Frank Loesser

John Millington Synge (Ireland)
Riders to the Sea
"The Songs of Synge" (on Synge's plays) by Djuna Barnes

Tabaimo and Maki Morishita (Japan)
"Active Fruits" (on Fruits Borne Out of Rust by Douglas Messerli)

Bill Talen ​​and Savitri D (USA)
"Tigers Got to Hunt" (on Talen's and Savitri D's Reverend Bill and the Life After Shopping Gospel 
     Choir: The Earth-a-Llujah Earth-a-Llujah Revival!) by Douglas Messerli

Margaret Leng Tan (USA)
"A Queen of the Piano" (on Tan's performances of Phyllis Chen and George Crumb) by Douglas

Booth Tarkington (USA)

Nahum Tate  see Henry Purcell

Ronald Tavel (USA)
Andy Warhol's Horse
Lives and Loves of Hedy Lamar

Modest Tchaikovsky (see Peter Tchaikovsky)
Peter Tchaikovsky
"What's Love Got To Do with It?" (on Tchaikovsky's Iolanta) by Douglas Messerli

Bob Telson (USA)
"Live Where You Can" (on Breuer's and Bob Telson's The Gospel at Colonus) by Douglas Messerli  

Fiona Templeton (b. Scotland/USA)
"The Poet's Theater of Fiona Templeton: An Enviornmental View" (on Templeton's You, the City) by James Sherry 

David Thompson, John Kander and Fred Ebb (USA)
"On the Cusp" (on Thompson's, Kander, and Ebb's The Scottsboro Boys) by Douglas Messerli

Virgil Thomson (USA) see Gertrude Stein

Mccoy Tyner (USA)
performing Newport Jazz Festival 1998 [link]

Luis Valdez (USA)
"Dreams Destroyed by Hate" (on Valdez's Zoot Suit) by Douglas Messerli
"Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" (on Valdez's Valley of the Heart) by Douglas Messerli

Jean-Claude van Itallie (b. Belgium/USA)
"A Ceremony About Evil" (on van Itallie's The Serpent at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble) by Douglas          Messerli

Aristides Vargas (Argentina)
"The Traveling Table" (on Vargas' La Razón Blindada (Armored Reason) by Douglas Messerli

Sarah Vaughn (USA)
"Tenderly" (singing Walter Gross and Jack Lawrence's composition live) [link]

Royce Vavrek (Canada) [see Missy Mazzoli]

Giuseppe Verdi (Italy)
"Buried Alive" (on Antonio Ghislanzoni's and Giuseppe Verdi's Aida) by Douglas Messerli
"Hold My Hand" (on Joseph Méry's, Camille du Locle's and Verdi's Don Carlo)  by Douglas Meserli
"Count Down" (on Piave's and Verdi's La Traviata, based on Alexandre Dumas' La Dame aux  
   Camelias) by Douglas Messerli
"Everybody's Fooled) (on Bioto's and Verdi's  Falstaff, based on Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of
    Windsor and King Henry IV) by Douglas Messerli
"Living in a Glass House without Being Able to See In or Out" (on Bioto's and Verdi's Otello,
    based on the play by Shakespeare) by Douglas Messerli

Gore Vidal (USA)
"The Compromise" (on Vidal's The Best Man) by Douglas Messerli
"The Compromise" (on Vidal's The Best Man) by Douglas Messerli (reviewed with Death of a Salesman)

Matei Visniec (Romania)
"The Mirror of Truth" (on Visniec's Old Clown Wanted) by Douglas Messerli

Mal Waldron (USA)
"All Alone (full album) Solo Piano Jazz" [link]

The Walker Brothers (USA)
"The Sun Ain't Going to Shine" [link]

Richard Wagner (Germany)
"The Devil Meets His Angel" (on Wagner's The Flying Dutchman) by Douglas Messerli
"The Sacred and the Profane" (on Wagner's Parsifal) by Douglas Messerli
"The Sublime and the Ridiculous" (on Wagner's Tristan und Isolde) by Douglas Messerli
"Casting Out of the Self") (on Wagner's Die Walküre) by Douglas Messerli
"The Gods Fall in Love with Earth" (on Wagner's Die Walküre) by Douglas Messerli

Enda Walsh (England)
"Keeping to the Script" (on Walsh's The Walworth Farce) by Douglas Messerli
"Pool of Survivors" (on Walsh's Penelope) by Douglas Messerli

Lula Washington (Dance Theatre) (USA)
"Pleasure and Faith" (on Lula Washington's Dance Theatre performance at the Wallis Annenberg
     Theatre Arts) by Douglas Messerli

Ethel Waters (USA)
"Stormy Weather" sung by Ethel Waters (1933) [link]

The Weavers (US singing group)
"If I Had a Hammer" [link]

Frank Wedekind (Germany) [see also Steven Sater and Duncan Shiek (USA)]
"An Audience of the Deaf and Blind" (on Spring Awakening, the musical)

Kurt Weill (Germany/USA)
"Lost in Good Intentions" (on Weill's Lost in the Stars) by Douglas Messerli (see also Maxwell Anderson)
Recording of Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) Berlin, 1930 [link]
"Mack the Knife" (from My Favorite Musical Theater Songs) by Douglas Messerli
"Moon of Alabama" from The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny (from My Favorite Theater 
     Musicals) by Douglas Messerli

Arnold Weinstein (USA)
Red Eye of Love
"Eye to Eye" (on Weinstein's Red Eye of Love and Jack Gelber's Square in the Eye) by Douglas 

Mac Wellman (USA)
Bad Penny
The Hidden Part of the US Constitution
The Offending Gesture
"Apropos of The Offending Gesture"
"Tails/Tales" (on Wellman's Bad Penny) by Douglas Messerli
"What American Abandons Abandons America" (on Wellman's Two September) by Douglas
"Harm's Other Way: Some Notes on Mac Wellman's Theater" by Marjorie Perloff
"A Linguistic Fantasia" (on Wellman's A Murder of Crows) by Douglas Messerli
"Music from Another World" (on Wellman's The Hyacinth Macaw) by Douglas Messerli
"You Can't Go Home Again" (on Wellman's Second-Hand Smoke) by Douglas Messerli
"There Are No Such Things as Crows" (on Wellman's The Lesser Magoo) by Douglas Messerli
"Mac Wellman" (interview) by Linda Yablonsky [link]

Arnold Wesker (England)
"Work, Eat, and Die" (on Wesker's Roots) by Douglas Messerli

Oscar Wilde (Ireland)
The Importance of Being Earnest
"Nothing But the Truth" (on Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest) by Douglas Messerli

Thornton Wilder (USA)
"Archetypal America" (on Thornton Wilder's Our Town) by Douglas Messerli

Tennessee Williams (USA)
"An Afternoon with Tennessee Williams" (on Sebastian Glavez's one-play play) by Douglas Messerli
"Dependent Independents" (on Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire) by Douglas Messerli
"Performing Iconic Plays" (on Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire) by Douglas Messerli
"Rise and Shine" (on Williams' The Glass Menagerie) by Douglas Messerli
"Bow Down and Be Dim" (on Williams' Vieux Carre) by Douglas Messerli
"End of the Road" (on Williams' Camino Real) by Douglas Messerli
"Left in the Lurch" (on Williams' play version of Baby Doll) by Douglas Messerli
"Medea's Last Dance" (on Williams' In Masks Outrageous and Austere) by Douglas Messerli
"The Making of Blanche DuBois (on Williams' The Eccentricities of a Nightingale) by Douglas

Robert Wilson (USA)
"Nothing on a Lecture (on Robert Wilson's performance of Cage's Lecture on Nothing) by Douglas  

Ermano Wolf-Ferrari (composter) and Enrico Goslisciani (libretto) (Italy)
"Bad Manners" (on Wolf-Ferrari's Il segreto di susanna (Susanna's Secret) by Douglas Messerli

Dorian Wood (USA)
"The Rough Voice of Tenderness" (on Dorian Wood's Xavela Lux Aeterna) by Douglas Messerli

The Wooster Group (USA)
"Bow Down and Be Dim" (on the Wooster Group's performance of Williams' Vieux Carre) by 
     Douglas Messerli
"Forces of Gravity" (on the Wooster Group's production of Cavalli's La Didone) by Douglas  

"Rattling" (on The Wooser Group's production of The B-Side: "Negro Folklore from Texas State 
     Prisons" A Record Album Interpretation) by Douglas Messerli
"Shadowing the Shadows" (on the Wooster Group's production of North Atlantic) by Douglas 

"Shakespeare as Ceremonial Dance" (on the Wooster Group's performance of Cry, Trojans based on 
     Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida) by Douglas Messerli
"Searching for Cantor" (on the Wooster Group's A Pink Chair) by Douglas Messerli

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy) (Poland)
"Confusion of Dichotomies" (on Witkacy's The Two-Headed Calf) by Douglas Messerli 

Elizabeth Wray (USA)

Doug Wright (USA)
"Winter in a Summer Town" (on Wright's, Scott Frankel's and Michael Korie's Grey Gardens) by Douglas Messerli 

Nicholas Wright (USA)
see Nico Muhly

Grzegorz Wróblewski (Poland/Denmark)
Turning Point

Miwa Yanagi (Japan)
"Can You Hear My Voice?" (on Miwa Yanagi's Zero Hour: Tokyo Rose's Last Tape) by Douglas Messerli

Ozaki Yutata (Japan)
Ozaki Yutaka for being me (87 Ariake Colosseum song by Ozaki Yutata [link]
Ozaki Yutata song by the Japanese pop-singer [link]

William Butler Yeats (Ireland)
Love and Death (manuscript version)

Stefan Zeromski Theatre (Poland)
"Men in the Streets" (on the Zeromski Theatre's production of In the Solitude of Cotton Fields) by Douglas Messerli