Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mac Wellman | "Apropos of THE OFFENDING GESTURE"



In Helsinki in 1941 Tor Borg’s dog, named Jackie, was able to perform the Nazi salute–

when his master said “Heil Hitler”. Somehow this came to be known by the Germans,

who were outraged, and summoned a meeting to discuss the mater with Finnish

authorities. (This scene is presented in the play.)


Iraq was indeed created by one Winston Churchill in the 20's. It can be argued that it

is an unworkable nation as such, and never ought to have been made in the first place

as the three main nationalities (Sunfish, Shits and Turds in the doggish world) of

Sunnie, Shiites, and Kurds have little in common but a palpable hostility.


Adolf does mean “Noble Wolf”, and his favorite joke is the one recounted, and

likewise for his favorite movie. The legend of the “Corn-wulf” is an old German one,

and Germany is “The Land of Evening”.


But the dogs however sweet and loveable are not much when it comes to abstract

thinking– their logic is sincere, but very doggish. Jackie’s desire to save Finland from

invasion by redirecting Noble Wolf’s ire elsewhere is however understandable.

Churchill’s bulldog “Wuffles” is, as she reveals a fabrication, but as such it does the



The Nazi party was indeed the first party of No– as Noble Wolf admitted on several

occasions, but it surely was not the last. Oddly, Noble Wolf and his top Nazis wrote

down very little– they knew it might not be wise considering many of their policies.

Hence, the strange practice known as “working towards the leader” which involved

trying to intuitively grasp what the Leader (Fuhrer) wanted done.


The moon cats observed and comment on the dogs’ predicament with a mixture of

scorn and sympathy. I imagine I’d ask either Michael Roth or David Van Tieghem to do

the music. Once that is done we’d figure out how too split up the moon-cats’ tercets.

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